Development of writing, for Sam Grant, Author.

Development of writing, for Sam Grant, Author.

Poems were chosen to be published in varied editors anthologies before first novel Atlantic reached final manuscript publication in 2015.

Poetry composition and submission, to competion entry continues into 2021.

The blog was started to achieve a platform to entertain readers with poems, stories and blog commentary about author’s writing ventures. Pre- lock down these included market events, to advertise and talk about author’s novels, but also, associated with passing visitors about their own writing. This applied, on occasion, to talks, with wives, sons, and daughters, whose own husbands, fathers, saw sea service.

Maritime novel, sea poems and sea short stories are part of author identitiy.

Understandably, with ten years of early sea service, from age of fourteen, shore based work life presence, has subsequently had a strong influence. This has led to, author selecting, varied genres, for his novel writing.

Recognition has been given to poems and short stories…

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Membership of Alliance of Independent Authors.

Sam Grant, recently gave an interview for “Writers on Frome FM,” and has since joined the Membership of Alliance of Independent Authors.  Self-published authors can struggle to get recognition when without the push given for main stream published authors.  Reviews in 2018 assisted visibility for action, mystery novels -Atlantic Hijack and River Escape.  Hope for continued reviews in the New Year of 2019.

A very Happy and prosperous New Year to all Sam Grant readers and followers. Your interest for his writing, novels, poems and short stories is greatly appreciated.

Is it time for that deep- sea experience-main stream publisher?

Change is ever there in the minutes, hours and days. Attempts at updates have been made by author Sam Grant, who extends best wishes and many thanks to all readers of his novels, short stories and poetry-“Mists of Time,” is Sam grant’s latest book with both poems and short stories @ url


In the beginning- no this isn’t a biblical re-write! But in the beginning of getting toward publication I submitted- a not very polished final manuscript. On the telephone the young woman-when you’re seventy plus -pretty well all women speaking to you on the telephone  sound young!  said, that the editors  liked my novel and  that they would like to publish it. After this startling revelation  I probably said something inane like -‘oh really, would you? But it was a definite-yes!

There had been several submissions, to agents. You don’t usually get a highly critical reply on rejection. It can be along the lines of-‘I do really see potential for your novel-but it’s not a genre type that I’m currently promoting to publishers. Or ‘We’re not taking new manuscripts at present but do re-apply again in- six months, a year, two years  time,’ etc…

There was a website for the publisher…

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Mars Landing-Group Expedition.

Visited Mars in a group expedition, in 2017. Not really, but that was year of publication for Galactic Mission, a science fiction novel set in and around 2116. It was a demanding write.   Description of   water under the surface of Mars in the novel was confirmed  after publication  by scientists, a year later. Phew!!  Technology and Martian discoveries were made  in the two years of writing, up to 2017. Need for vigilance with purchase of New Scientist to make sure ideas were not then non- fiction on publication.

There are no commercial builds for airships, as far as I know, but in the  fictional airship  Mark Twain visits from another time frame  the group.  Airship, development envisaged to counteract carbon gas emission. In line, going forward,  with present day environmental concern. Airship electric prop engine propulsion  enabled through development of megawatt high capacity batteries in 22nd century. Drones have become sophisticated to the point where drone tray are ordering humans about in restaurants!

Possibly, inclusions like these  fantastical inventions  gave the young adult tag to Galactic Mission ?   Holograms are pretty everyday in 2110 -sent by smart tablet (phone).   Virtual reality is able to incorporate sensations of experience, like swimming in the sea at your virtual reality chalet. Jeb, in the novel, is advanced further in a virtual reality visit to actuality, enabled by Adriana.  In her official galactic force  capacity is XP100.  Adriana, enabled creation of  reality outside the human time frame. Young adults feature in the storyline, which, has brought, not  surprisingly, interest from young adult readers!

Author set out to promote an action, mystery novel at a book event and found that main interest was for “Galactic Mission,” by Sam Grant – not his  promoted new novel!

Perhaps interest in a Mars Landing and with today’s verification has returned focus to Galactic Mission, a novel first published, in 2017.